FAQ & Legal Lingo

FAQ & Legal Lingo

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At E. Brown Legal, LLC, that the estate planning process is a daunting and overwhelming task for most people. That is why we make it our goal to simplify and break down estate planning matters so that you understand how to properly secure your future and protect your best interests. Below we answer some of the common questions we get from clients in Largo about various legal terms they find confusing.

FAQ: Estate Law

Question #1: What is a Will?

A: A Will, also known as a last Will and testament, outlines what you want to happen with your belongings, including personal property and real estate, after you’ve died.

Question #2: What is a living Will?

A: A living Will outlines how you would like to be cared for in the event that you become incapacitated and unable to make medical decisions for yourself. This is also called a health care directive or advance directive.

Question #3: What is an estate administrator?

A: The administrator is the person appointed to carry out the terms of your Will if you fail to name an executor before passing, or if you fail to create an estate plan and your loved ones have to follow the State’s process to receive your assets.

Question #4: What is a beneficiary?

A: Your beneficiaries or heirs are those who will receive possessions of property according to your Will or your trust.

Question #5: What is a disinterested witness?

A: A disinterested witness is someone who can witness the creation of a Will who is not a beneficiary or heir.

Question #6: What is your estate?

A: Your estate is simply any property or possessions that you own. Your car, home, bank accounts, jewelry, furniture... these all make up your estate.

Question #7: What is an estate plan?

Estate planning is making a plan for what happens to your estate, which remember is anything you own, for after you die. Creating a Will or a trust is the first step in estate planning.

Question #8: What is an executor?

A: The executor is the person you will appoint to carry out the terms of your Will.

Question #9: What does it mean to be intestate?

A: Intestate is what you want to avoid being. When someone dies without having made a Will, they are intestate.

Question #10: What is a living trust?

A: A living trust applies when you are living. You put property in the trust and manage that property until you are no longer able to, at which point your successor trustee takes over.

Question #11: What is probate?

A: Probate is the legal process of proving that a Will is indeed the true last testament of the deceased.

Question #12: What is a trustee?

A: A trustee is the person you name in your living trust who will carry out what you have stated in your trust document.

Question #13: What is a testator?

A: A testator is someone who has made a Will.

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